Current Volunteers

The FCT operates most of its events and many projects with Volunteer Contributions for which we are so very grateful! Many hours are donated to the organisation, such as the contribution of our FCT Board of Directors, in-kind contributions and time dedicated to the development and implementation of specific projects as well as assistance at events and presentations.

Thank you to ALL who have volunteered their time to the FCT over the years!!!!

We have recently welcomed the following keen volunteers to the FCT Team:

Fletcher Hutchins – CoRe Network Coordinator

Katecia Thompson – Technical Programme Assistant & Garden Coordinator

Nasima Parris – Online Content Contributor & Garden Volunteer

Reco Alleyne – Social Media Coordinator

Kemar Miller – Social Media Coordinator

Jesse Gibson – Research Assistant

Darren Jordan – Research Assistant

Sheena Kirton – Newsletter Assistant

Yesenia Nava- Social Media Assistant

Yesenia Nava - International Volunteer!











Yesenia is an exchange student from California and is attending courses at the UWI Cave Hill campus. She is an Environmental Studies major back at UC Santa Barbara and she is passionate in learning more about environmental racism, environmental education, global food systems, and animal protection. She’s been a vegetarian for 8 years and has always had a desire to take care of our planet for ourselves and for future generations.

Jamila McConney- Social Media Coordinator


Jamila is a 22 year old alumni of the Combermere school and the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. She joined the Future Centre Trust in order to help protect our environment through education. The true value and importance of the environment is often over-looked and environmental issues are often swept under the rug. She wants to help change this perception while endeavoring on the path to be an environmental specialist.


Alex Goddard

Alex is an computer enthusiast who also loves sports and the environment. He is about to attend university to study computer science and plans to pursue a career as a Computer Data Security and Network specialist. He likes the beauty of the environment and he would like to see it remain that way. He’s just doing his part by volunteering with the Future Centre Trust.

We need your help! Interested in volunteering with us? Simply fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and we will reply to you as soon as possible! Also feel free to email us at or Contact Us page to get in touch!