• Ms. Tracey Edwards
  • Program Coordinator
  • Email [email protected]

Future Centre Trust introduces
Program Coordinator – Ms. Tracey Edwards BSc. (Honors)
Ms. Tracey Edwards has joined as the Program Coordinator of the Future Centre Trust (FCT) from September 1st 2016!
Miss Edwards has over 12 years’ experience in climate change, resource management, disaster risk management, and project management and coordination. She has assisted in designing various research tools and methodologies and conducted several surveys. Miss Edwards has a lengthy track record of collaborating successfully with volunteers and community groups.
Miss Edwards brings to bear her passion for conservation and for the sustainable use of natural resources on the work and mandate of the Future Centre Trust. We envision a bright future with her on our team and we look forward to working with her in spearheading the climate issues and other environmental challenges we face here in Barbados and ensuring we became even better to Educate, Conserve and Protect.