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See Bri and Luk and their friends from our Climate Change series in these activity Sheets. What can you learn about climate change and our environment today? Click here and test what you know: Bri and Luk – Friends in times of Changing Climates – Worksheets

What are the 3’R’S?

They are REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Reduce means practices which use less, reuse is to utilize something over and over again in its original form and recycle to use the material something is made of to make something else.

Is there an order of importance with the 3’R’S?

The objective is to lessen garbage and reduce energy expenditure. With this in mind, the order then is REDUCE, REUSE then RECYCLE.

An example of reducing is car pooling which uses less gas per person involved, hence less pollution emissions and saving money. Example of reusing is utilizing an old juice plastic container to buy coconut water every Sunday. Example of recycling is carrying your plastics to a local recycle plastic company for breaking down and creating a new product.