Programme Areas

At the end of 2009, we finalised our Strategic Business Plan for the period 2010-2013. This was developed with the assistance of members of the environmental community and those with a keen environmental interest at our Strategic Visioning Retreat in May of 2009 with further discussion and development through until December 2009. The plan was launched in April of 2010 and continues to be a document which is valid and practical.

These areas will be reviewed over the three year period.

The main Programme areas for the planning period include:

Project Development and Coordination including:

  • Grassroots Community Video Productions 2010 and 2011;
  • CoRe NETWORK Community Recycling with thanks to the Coca-Cola Foundation for up to 12 centres and the US Embassy for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean for another 3 implemented during 2011 and early 2012;
  • The Future Trees;
  • and The Hudson Organic Community Garden.
  • Green Business Barbados

The programme is helping Barbados businesses to embrace environmental practices and in turn their bottom line. For more information please visit 


including, varying Expos, Environment Month activities in June, Clean Up Barbados and many more..

School & Community Education Outreach

including Bri and Luk Climate Change Learning Series with Book 1 and the Bri and Luk puppet show;

Mobile Learning Centre

to deliver primary school environmental learning and for use with community events. The research and development is now complete thanks to the Barbados Community Foundation and is awaiting funding commitments before Williams Industries moves forward to construct the unit;

Website/Social Media/Direct Mail

use of Websites, Facebook, and Direct Mail by E mail;

Advocacy through Press Release

training of committee members to write effective press releases to improve our media presence;


newsletter of the FCT for members and committee members;

Resource Centre

Home base for the FCT.

FCT Key Programme Areas – 2010- 2013 (January 2010)

Also listed here is the Action Plan for the implementation of these areas.

FCT Action Plan – 2010-2013 (January 2010)

We are very excited to now have a plan by which to work. As always though all plans require input from many areas, so with this in mind we welcome your assistance. To gather more information on any of these areas or should you wish to contribute your time or funds, please contact us.