Future Trees – Breadfruit Trees


The Future Trees is one of three groups that have been entrusted with Ma’afala breadfruit saplings, sent by the Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF). TTFF have been doing excellent work planting this variety in Haiti and Jamaica, as a means of promoting sustainability and import substitution.

The Ma’afala is a high yield breadfruit tree that reaches maturity quickly – it can produce fruit in 2 – 3 years instead of the 7 years typical of our local variety. Bred in Samoa, they are also smaller than our traditional tree, so the fruit are easier to pick.

Consistent with The Future Trees goal of planting 2000 fruit-bearing trees in public areas around Barbados, we are planning to begin installation of 250 Ma’afala at the beginning of the rainy season in 2015. They have been re-potted and they are growing well. We are extremely excited to plant them island-wide and would like to that the Trees That Feed Foundation.