New Green Business Barbados Coordinator Announced


The Green Business Barbados program has been in existence for the past 3 years. Throughout this time the program has seen growth and now boasts the enrollment of 15 Green Businesses in the program.

In October 2012 the program received a grant from the Inter American Development Bank to further develop it into a certification. This grant is a welcomed boost to the program and will be a great addition to its expansion. The grant will span over two years and will involve a number of developments including development of the certification requirements and training materials, the training of new Green Business Certifiers and the development of green financial products for micro and small businesses.


Dr Ariana Marshall Green Business Barbados Coordinator

In order to take this program forward into its new developments The Future Centre Trust has recruited a new Green Business Barbados Coordinator.  It is with great pleasure that the FCT announces the appointment of Dr. Ariana J Marshall to this post.

Dr. Marshall has worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s, Office of Environmental Education. Within this agency, she worked as an environmental educator and project coordinator for an environmental capacity building mini-grant program, administered throughout the south eastern U.S.

Her doctoral degree in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Risk Management, was obtained from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).  For her dissertation project she explored the role of public engagement in coastal planning to address climate change impacts.

While completing her degree, she worked on the FAMU Environment and Sustainability Council to organize community initiatives and a strategic plan. At FAMU, she also worked with the South Eastern Green Network as their “Green Up Your Campus” coordinator and collaboratively organized regional summits. As a result of this work, she was invited to become a Green For All Fellow to further engage African Americans towards simultaneously improving the environmental quality and the economic viability of underrepresented communities, within the restructuring of a green economy.

This wealth of knowledge and experience will certainly inform Dr Marshall as she seeks to take Green Business Barbados forward in the coming years.


“We are thrilled to have Dr Marshall join the FCT team and are excited to see what new strides she will make with our GBB program.  This is a very opportune time for this program with the Green Economy being a priority in the minds of both public and private sector leaders and organisations.  The FCT will continue to work at being a pioneering organisation in our nation and the region in the area of sustainable development.”

Cherice Gibson

Executive Director

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