Bri and Luk Animation Launched !


The Future Centre Trust launched its newest addition to the Bri and Luk Climate Change Learning Series on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at the Milton Lynch Primary School.   Bri and Luk –  The Great Adventure: An Animated Tale, is a fun animated story which compliments the existing resources under this project area.   The United States Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean has been the major sponsor for this venture.  With their support and that of the British High Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean this new initiative has been accomplished.

The Bri and Luk Climate Change teaching series at present consists of; One factual book (Book 1) a Story Book (Book 2 ) and a Puppet Show, all of which focus on educating children on the basics of climate change adaptation with the help of nine character friends.

The animation depicts highlights of Book 2 (the storybook) and addresses the issues of global climate change through a fun and relatable way.  Children have responded extremely well to the developments in the series thus far and we at the FCT believe that this animation will act as an additional tool to educate children.  The FCT continues to work on developing projects and initiatives which educate and equip persons to address the issues associated with climate change and other environmental concerns.

We at the FCT wishes to express sincere gratitude for the support received in this project area.  Thanks are extended to the United States Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, The British High Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Crucial Productions and The Media Resource Department of the Ministry of Education and West Toonz, who have all contributed to the successful production of this resource tool.

We have begun conducting Story Time Sessions in schools using Bri and Luk Book 2 andwill continue to do so coupled with screenings of the Animated Tale.  The Future of Bri and Luk is very bright, this series has lots of potential for growth and the FCT anticipates many more exciting developments in the future.

The next step involves the distribution of copies of the Animated Tale to Primary Schools and making  it available online

What’s next you ask? Well, we continue to seek additional funding to bring the Mobile Learning Centre to reality and there is consideration being put toward the development of further animation, a comic strip, interactive games or a third book!  All ideas at this stage, however with support and our usual gusto the FCT will bring something new to birth!

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Bri and Luk Book 2 Launched

After some two years of development, Book 2 of the Bri and Luk Series was officially launched with the support of the British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Mr Paul Brummell, at his residence.

FCT Executive Director, Mrs Cherice Gibson, launched the book with the support of contributors to this phase of the series, The British High Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, The Paloma Charitable Trust, TD Financial Group and Coles Printery. Other committed partners to the FCT also joined in the celebration.

Book 2 is a story book which tells the tales of Bri and Luk and their friends in their changing environments. The book will be distributed to teachers of Class One and Two of Barbadian Primary Schools early in 2013. The class sets will be held by the school for use in teaching environmental content with additional copies to be made available in local bookstore partners and from the FCT. More information on these locations will be advised.

The FCT looks forward to distributing more of the Bri and Luk series in the coming months with a short animated video the last component for this time.

Thank you to the extremely talented and patient Barbadian illustrator, Mr Jason Waithe for his commitment to the series since first inception in 2009. We look forward to continue to partner with Jason in the future to further develop the Bri and Luk concept.

Sincerest thanks to our partners to this publication who have assisted the environmental education available to every primary school child in this country.

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Bri and Luk Eco Puppets at the 4R’s Fair

The Bri and Luk Eco Puppets Travelling Show made three presentations at the 4R’s Fair on Saturday February 5. The Solid Waste Project Unit appreciated the presence of some child-friendly options, that adults could enjoy and learn from as well. Bri and Luk Eco Puppets fit the bill!

The three sessions were well attended, with the Acting Minister and Permanent Secretary enjoying the final performance for the day. Minister Kellman expressed his interest in encouraging more of this type of education to students to enhance their appreciation of the environment.

Bri and Luk Eco Puppets are available to Schools across the country simply by making a reservation at least 4 weeks in advance and is free of charge. The show is aimed at Reception, Infants A and Infants B and will include in the future worksheets for students to take home and remember the show and hopefully some of the key points!

Thanks to the British High Commission for their continued support of this initiative.

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Bri and Luk Book 1 deliveries now complete

Deliveries of Book 1 to Class 3 students across Barbados is now complete. All Class 3 students in both private and public schools should now have their copies. For those with children in Class 3, please ask your children if they have seen Bri and Luk or check with their teachers.

We are now working on the completion of Book 2 which is the story book aimed at Class 1 and 2 students. We are hopeful this will be in print before the end of the school year.

Bri and Luk puppet shows continue to be available to students of Reception, Infants A and B to all schools free of charge, thanks to the British High Commission’s dedication to the project. Teachers and Principals are invited to contact the Future Centre Trust to organise a performance at your school soon!

Thanks to Miss Krystal Boyea and great thanks to Miss Kerri Birch who did an amazing job volunteering to help with deliveries with Krystal on the Wednesdays in January; to Myles Phillips for helping with the packaging; and to Adrian Randall who assisted with deliveries also. Great job team!

Thanks especially to the Paloma Charitable Trust for their funding to print some 5000 copies of Book 1 and to the British High Commission for their support in the development of the learning series.

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Bri and Luk Eco Puppets hit the road!

January 11 was the official roll out for the Bri and Luk Puppet Show with St Andrew’s Primary being the first full school presentation for the team!

Principal Walsh was keen to have the show at the school and we were very excited to get this first performance under our belts! The school was very accommodating and we enjoyed giving the performance. Team members for that day were Vicky Merrick, Myles Phillips (first time at the show!), Cherise Ward and Nicole Garofano. The students enjoyed the show and we were appreciative of the feedback.

January 18 saw the show head to The Codrington School for their entire Junior School to enjoy the story of Bri and Luk and their friends.

Teachers and students were again impressed with the show, with the older students asking some interesting questions at the conclusion of the performance.

Thanks to Helen Morris and the team at Codrington for accommodating the team of Bri and Luk and the FCT. Puppeteers for this show were Vicky, Cherise and Nicole with Myles on AV!

February 1st saw a double roll out of the Bri and Luk Eco Puppets show with St Gabriels and St Winifreds requesting the show for their junior school students.

St Gabriels’ were first for the day and the group was very accommodating! Vicky took the reigns and engaged the children while we prepared for the show. It was a great discussion about the impacts of climate change on our daily lives and how the habitats of the animals around us are also changing.

The team consisting of Vicky Merrick, Nicole Garofano, Myles Phillips and joined by Anthony Gibbs and Cherise Ward, were engaged in the presentation of the show for the benefit of students and their teachers!

Thanks to Principal Vaughan for her invitation to attend the school for this show!

The mornings’ presentations finished off with St Winifreds in their school hall. Head of Infants/Junior Department, Ms St John, was delighted to have the show at the school.

Once set up, the students were engaged in a short presentation by Nicole Garofano and the show was on the road!
It was a busy morning and we would like to thank the two schools for their invitation to attend with the travelling puppet show!

Thanks to our puppeteers and thanks to the British High Commission for their support of this initiative.

Here are a few more shots of Bri and Luk and their friends:

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MEDIA RELEASE: Bri and Luk Climate Change Learning Launch


For immediate release

Source: Future Centre Trust (FCT)

Contact: Ms Nicole Garofano

Bridgetown, Barbados (December 6, 2010)


The Future Centre Trust launches ‘Bri and Luk – Friends in times of changing climates’ learning series.

As the key global climate change negotiators meet in Cancun, Mexico, this week to debate the developed world’s contribution to the impacts of the phenomenon, local Non Governmental Organisation, The Future Centre Trust (FCT) launches its Climate Change learning series with a high focus on local adaptation. “Whatever the outcome of the global conference taking place currently in Mexico; the fact is the climate is changing and the region is already being affected by the impacts of global climate change. We must learn to adapt how we live daily to in these changing times. Without education to the ‘man or child in the street’, the required adaptation measures will be missed. We will have a generation of people who are being impacted with no information of how to best adapt,” says Nicole Garofano, Administrative Director of the FCT. She explained, “Climate change impacts are already affecting the Caribbean. Adaptation measures are a must for the region and are not just for governments to deal with.” This education process is about to become easier with the launch of the Bri and Luk Climate Change Learning Series by the Future Centre Trust focused on primary school age children, funded by the British High Commission in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The first two components of the learning series, launched on December 6, 2010 at the residence of the British High Commissioner, Mr Paul Brummell, includes a factual book for students in Class 3 and a puppet show for the students in Reception and Infants A. Future additions to the series include a Storybook for children in Class 1 and 2 to be released early in 2011, in addition to plans for an animated DVD based on the story book version of the series, subject to funding.

“The Future Centre Trust has a wide ranging programme which holds education as its focus”, explains Nicole Garofano, Administrative Director of the local organisation. “When investigating what tools were available for the education of our young people on climate change issues which were regionally focused, it was evident that the children of the Caribbean were not being catered to. It was at a regional CANARI conference in 2007 that this concept of a range of learning tools be developed to assist this process, particularly as it relates to the need for adaptation to the effects of climate change,” she added.

Ms Garofano explained that the process of writing and designing the book which was the first tool developed took some time, as it was during 2009/2010 that the organisation of the Future Centre Trust was restructured. “This project of developing Book 1 and by extension, the puppet show, has been an eighteen month process from start to this point – I would not say finished as now the implementation of the series begins”.

The puppeteers for the show came forward with interest after an advertisement for the three day training session in October 2010. This session was seen to be valuable by those organisations who contributed including Air Canada, Shell Western Supply and Trading, the Barbados Light and Power Company and the Canadian High Commission. These newly trained puppeteers, critical to the programme, come from a range of backgrounds and are all looking forward to participating in the education process. Over the coming months, The Future Centre Trust will look to engage other puppeteers for the school based presentations to allow for more ‘in-school hours’ shows.

“The process from here is to commence the puppet show deliveries, for which we have already engaged our first children’s audience; to provide a session for all principals and head teachers from Primary Schools along with Teachers of Class 3 to provide an overview of the programme and highlight current predictions for climate change impacts; and deliver the books to all Class 3 students free of charge. Once this process is complete, we will finalise the story book and seek partners for the production of the animated DVD to be produced in Barbados,” Ms Garofano added.

Schools will be contacted over the coming weeks, and are also invited to contact the Future Centre Trust to arrange a booking for the puppet show at their school, with deliveries of the Class 3 book, Bri and Luk – Friends in times of changing climates, thanks to the Paloma Charitable Trust, commencing in January based on class numbers.

The British High Commission has been a patient major sponsor to the development of this series and we look forward to continuing to assist their efforts in increasing the knowledge of the people of the region of climate change impacts on the region. Furthermore, the Paloma Charitable Trust, based in Barbados has provided the support to ensure the issuance of Book 1 in the series.

About Future Centre Trust

The Future Centre Trust is an environmental Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and registered charity providing environmental education to the public of Barbados. Its mission is “To stimulate awareness and encourage responsible management of the vital relationship between people and nature leading to a sustainable future for all”. This is achieved through various programmes, activities and presentations to the community which are included and highlighted at  ENDS

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Bri and Luk – Book One – at the printers

On August 11, Nicole Garofano met with Mrs Lulu Cole of Cole’s Printery to hand over the draft content and layout of Book 1 of the Bri and Luk series – learning tools with a focal area of climate change for kids.

All being well, we will have Book 1 ready for distribution to Class 3 students throughout Barbados by the second week of September.

Once ready, we ill of course be in touch with our readers again and arrange a press release and training session where possible for Class three teachers.

The book’s development has been funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office managed locally by the British High Commission of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean here in Bridgetown. The printing has been funded by the Paloma Charitable Trust in Barbados and we thank both funders for being so very patient in getting this publication to this stage.

Look out for more information in the coming weeks!

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Bri & Luk Book 2 for sale!

Bri and Luk book 2 cover

The Future Centre Trust is proud to announce that we now have our story book ‘Bri and Luk – The Great Adventure’ available for purchase!  Contact us at 6252020 to get your copy today!!! 

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FCT partners with US Embassy of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

FCT applied to the US Embassy for two sets of funding over the past few months and with the end of their financial year at the end of September, we were advised that we were successful!

Thanks to the assistance and guidance of Rebecca Ross, Juanita Lynch and Lisa Howell in the Public Affairs office of the Embassy, FCT has now received funding for the development of an animated DVD of Bri and Luk’s climate change story and to expand the CoRe NETWORK Project to take the total number of centres to 15!

For the CoRe NETWORK project, this contribution has provided the opportunity for Ms Ayana Moosa to join the team for a few months to assist in developing these three additional community recycling centres. Ayana is a keen recycler and is always working to reduce her ecological footprint and so it was fortunate timing for her to be involved. We welcome Ayana to the team, with thanks to the US Embassy.

We are so very grateful for these contributions and look forward to updating you with more information on each of these projects as it comes to hand.

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New dates for Puppet and Environment Workshop!

All of those who were contemplating the Bri and Luk Puppet Workshop for August, never fear – the date has been moved to 1, 2 and 3 October!

Participants to the workshop will be invited to become part of the puppeteer troupe to present the Bri and Luk puppet show in primary schools and other locations from October.

The workshop will include basic principles of using the puppets which have been individually designed and made to match the characters in the Bri and Luk Book Series along with some basic climate change education to compliment to script which will be used.

Ms Kelly Kirkham, a Canadian Puppeteer and puppet creator will be facilitating the workshop and looks forward to sharing her knowledge of many years of experience in this field with the participants.

Persons with an interest in drama, environment, teaching, puppets are invited to send in their details to to register for the workshop.

The workshop is being funded by Shell Western Supply and Trading, Air Canada, Barbados Light and Power Co and the Canadian High Commission.

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